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FASfacts Programmes

Objectives of FASfacts programmes

Our programmes are aimed at:

Girls making the decision not to drink any alcohol when they will be pregnant, or when they plan to become pregnant. Adult women making the decision not to drink any alcohol when they plan to become pregnant, and during their pregnancies.

Boys, at a very young age, making the decision to assist their wives or girl friends to not drink any alcohol during their pregnancies. Adult men must make the decision to assist their wives or girlfriends not to drink any alcohol when they plan to have a baby, and while she is expecting their child. An extremely effective method for the men is to personally abstain from alcohol themselves during their girlfriends’/wives’ pregnancies.

The earlier and more often these children and adults make these very important and positive choices in their lives, the better chance there will be that they actually will abstain from alcohol during their pregnancies, which will lead to a definite decrease in the FAS-rate.

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FASfacts model

FASfacts makes use of Experiential Learning to convey the FAS message in local communities and nationally throughout South Africa.

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FASfacts programmes

FASfacts runs FAS prevention campaigns in schools and communities to to convey the FAS message, as well as recruiting mentors and project monitors.

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FASfacts structure

FASfacts currently operates in the Western Cape. The aim of FASfacts is to be operational on a national level. FASfacts is run by a board of 7 directors.

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Programmes to reduce Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa

1Experiential learning

FAS prevention campaigns in communities (grades 6 & 7; and adults) to convey the FAS message. Posters, working sheets, wristbands, RAP-songs, T-shirts, caps form part of the training program.

2Advertising campaigns

Posting posters in the relevant languages at strategic places, articles and advertisements in daily newspapers and magazines, regular radio talks and Television coverage.


Given the fact that FAS is not only a health issue, but also a moral issue, churches, ministers, pastors, deacons, elders, spiritual workers are mobilized to convey the FAS message.

4Pregnant women mentoring

Project Monitors are trained to seek out pregnant girls within their communities and educate them on the dangers of drinking while pregnant. They then act as mentors to these girls while they are pregnant and breastfeeding.

5Film and theatre

Industrial theatre is a valuable vehicle to spread the FAS message. FASfacts aim to produce a SA film which highlights the negative effects of FAS on every person in the country.

6Satellite offices

FASfacts aims to establish offices in all regions in South Africa so as to extend these programmes throughout the country.

  • "A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” ―Eda J. Le Shan

  • “Drinking during pregnancy is linked with disaster – personal disaster for the ‘bright-eyed ones,’ disaster for their families and their hope for their young, and disaster for . . . society as we struggle to pay the huge price of this destruction.” - Prof. Ann Streissguth, Ph.D.

  • "If you're pregnant, don't drink. If you drink, don't get pregnant" - Eva Carner

  • "Every day is FASD Awareness day" - Teresa Kellerman (